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Find my treasure!!!!!

In RE we have been continuing on our theme of kindness. We have been learning no matter how small or large animals are, they are all important to God/ Allah and need to be cared for.

In Forest School we have been doing something very special- we used the fire pit to create molten metal coins which we then decorated with wool and used conkers to hang on them. We learnt how we had to be careful when doing this as it is very hot.

This week has been very much about our Pirates theme and we have been making Pirate hats in art to  make us look like proper Pirates for our party on Monday!

We have been amazed by the Pirate ships we have got on display thanks to Year 2's amazing ship making skills!

Don't forget your pirate clothes for the party on Monday!

We have our Eco-Committee elections on Thursday of this coming week. Moss, one

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