Piglets, Partitioning,Playing and Practising!

These are just a sniper  of the things Year 2 have been involved with this week! 

In Maths, we have been reading data within tables, stating the value of each number within 4 digit numbers, doing some funny counting and becoming very knowledgeable on 3D shapes!

We have been really getting to know the characters of Belle and Beast and exploring the actions of others within the fairy tale this week during our English sessions. 

Our Famous People topic introduced us to a new person this week - Louis Braille. We were amazed at his clever invention at such a young age. We can now write our own names using the symbols and have read some words - we even felt Braille on some medical boxes.

Some of us have been lucky enough to visit the tiny piglets that were born at New Year. We had be be very quiet and look at them from afar. so we didn’t upset the Mummy Sow and frighten the piglets. They are getting quite big now! We also learnt about fire lighting safely using flammable items and built some winter homes for some animals that like to live in the forest, in order to keep them warm for the cold spell that is due to happen!

Wrap up warm this weekend - it’s going to be a chilly one! Have cosy time! 


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