Time flies when you’re having fun!

What a super fast week we have had in Year 2.

We have been fire-lighting, running a tea room (I highly recommend the Latte) and following a Braille Trail in the Woods. We also all had the opportunity to experience Shabbat as we have been learning about Judaism.We were lucky enough to share and taste the Shabbat bread which was truly delicious. We also looked at all the other artefacts that are used during Shabbat.

In maths we have been doing some very funny counting which then led to us leaning about column subtraction - they were a bit tricky! We also know about the features of bar graphs and how great they are for recording data.

Year 2 have learnt about the artist Arcimboldo made some wonderfully fruity collages. They look truly delicious! 

Our famous person this week was Florence Nightingale. We have put her life events on a timeline and seen all the wonderful things that she did for our hospitals and nurses.

Have a lovely weekend.


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