Down by the River Nile...

Forest School was spent down by the 'River Nile' this week for 2D and 2F. We were busy taking water out of the river using similar methods to the Egyptians. TutanCambell has made us our very own Shaduf to help us. The children also made some Egyptian bread with CleoDonaldson which they found very yummy especially when it was dipped in honey! The fire warmth from the fire was most welcome during the baking session!

We also had a special visitor from Year 4, who's Great Great Grandad's cousin was an English Egyptologist and archaeological photographer. Harry Burton is best known for his photographs which he took during the finding of Tutankhamen.

Not only did we have that amazing presentation, but we have also had some children from the class present their amazing research on Ancient Egypt that they have been busy preparing at home.

In PSHE we thought about what makes a good friend and a bad friend. We wrote different feelings and emotions we have when people behave like this towards us. We made this fantastic resource to remind us which we prefer to be.
Wrap up warm and have a great weekend everyone!


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