Entering Ancient Egypt...

Our first week back after the holiday has been very exciting with the introduction of a new topic!

Ancient Egypt is our new topic and already we have got many things underway.
This week we have been doing lots of art, not all to do with the Egyptians, but some on space which we will be learning about later on in the school year.

We had two very special visitors in Year 2 helping us with our Egyptian art that we did later on in the week who helped us to make our very own Egyptian masks. King Tut and Cleopatra told us many facts about the Gods, hieroglyphics and mummification!

We have some real artists in Year 2!

In Maths we have been looking at measuring liquids and how we can convert them to different units. The children have enjoyed looking at the same amount of liquid being poured into different containers and how it looks like a different amount depending on the shape of the vessel.

Also, in RE we looked at the importance of belonging and related this to clubs we do inside or outside of school and why we do them, who we do them with and why we enjoy them.

What a great first week back!

Enjoy your weekend!


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