Tomb raiders!!!

We feel like Egyptians...

The start of the week began with some Egyptian research undertaken at home by year 2 which they then presented to the class. Some of them included quizzes and pictures and lots of amazing facts about Egyptians!

We then made our way to the forest where used a bow to cut up circular pieces of wood and wrote our hieroglyphics on them which have now been put up on our Egyptian display!

The philosophy man came and helped us have some amazing discussions about the Egyptians and got us playing some great thinking games in order to make us listen to each other.

Some Tomb Raiders visited us and gave us lots of lovely things that they had 'borrowed' from the tombs as a reward for our lovely masks and artwork that we did with King Tut and Cleopatra last week.

Today we are all Pudseyfied and are busy doing our thing for Children in Need. It's such fun! We are getting ready for our ramble later this afternoon.


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