It's electrifying...

What another busy week we have had in Year 2. We have been thinking about Scott of the Antarctic's exploration - and went on our own mission
around the grounds.

Aboriginal art was the theme this week - we made fantastic dreaming pictures using symbols and dots. We could then tell the story of our paintings.

We have been thinking about electricity and how to keep safe when using electrical appliances. We made electrical circuits using conductive dough
and thought about how to make bulbs both brighter and dimmer.

On Wednesday we had an amazing day which began with 2D's assembly where we introduced our famous person with the whole school as well
as showing them the superb FAME dance that we have learnt. In the afternoon we had some very special visitors and helpers who came to help us
celebrate the Chinese New Year. Bejewelled Chinese lanterns were made, dragons were drawn and we even wrote some Mandarin, Next we made
Chinese dumplings which involved some very careful folding of the pastry to make sure that the filling stayed within the dumpling. The best part of
course was tasting them. Delicious!

We have been looking at characters within fairy tales and their settings. We wondered how we could really describe them using amazing descriptive

Last week 2D had some very special furry visitors. Two baby guinea pigs came for cuddles and spent the whole day with us. The children were very
careful when holding them and really enjoyed their company.

2F were being explorers in Forest school this week. We had our binoculars and compasses at the ready when down near the riverbank, we spotted
lots of lovely things including swans and red kites! We also managed to find some puddles to jump in on the way back! What an adventure we had!

Have a lovely weekend.


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