Time to grow...

What a glorious week to plant some trees!! Year 2 have spent a few happy hours planting trees to mark the half centenary celebration of Copthill. We learnt about the importance and pleasure we gain from trees. We look forward to seeing them flourish!

As our piglets certainly are doing! After not seeing them for a few weeks we were amazed at how big they are getting!

We have introduced our new topic - Neighbourhood Watch and have seen our school and it’s surroundings on Google Earth. It was a great way to spot all the physical features of our local environment.

Can you believe that we can give very clear instructions to turn each other into dinosaurs? There were a few scary ones stomping around the playground this week! 

We had a superb Maths Day - we played fantastic games and were given some rather tricky and challenging puzzles to solve. 

Lets hope the lovely weather hasn’t quite abandoned us yet! Have a lovely weekend!!


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