Finding our way!

Wow - Yet another busy week in Year 2!

This week we started off our Outdoor Learning Session by feeding apples to our resident pigs.

After some cloud-spotting, we improved our navigational skills by learning how to use a compass. We then managed to successfully navigate our way to the woods for Pirate Grog and weevil biscuits! Yummy!

We have been busy learning about treasure maps and have made our own maps plotting key features along the way!

Our pirates's display in the corridor is coming on a treat, the children have really enjoyed changing their faces to become menacing pirates which will be used to show themselves busy at work on the ship and finding the treasure on the huge treasure map.

We have voted for our class councillor. It was a very strict procedure. The children had to place two crosses on their ballot sheet after Mrs Flynn has relayed the rules to them. Their manifestos were very well thought out - competition amongst Year 2 was pretty fierce!

We hope that the children are all settling into Year 2 and look forward to another action-packed time next week!


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