Ship Ahoy!

The weeks are absolutely flying by because we are all having so much fun in Year 2!

In maths we have been learning all about different measurements on our rulers and how to identify right angles and other angles on differing shapes. We have also been practising our multiplying and dividing fractions in some very complicated maths stories!

Our pirate theme is still in full force and getting better and better as the days go past!

We all had some great times making pirate ships whilst in forest school. There were many different resources we used, including tyres, straw bales and drainage pipes.

We also had a very special visitor who came into our classes - Jed’s mum from our story ‘A New Home for a Pirate’! Children enjoyed being Jed's mother (in 2YF) and asked some very interesting questions about her son not wanting to be a pirate anymore! Year 2’s have gained even more pirate ship knowledge and all rather fancy leaving Copthill to become a pirate!

Wishing you all a fun-filled weekend!


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