Ahoy me hearties!

It’s been another busy week in Year 2! We have had 3 birthdays in 2D, 2 birthdays in 2F last week, which means lots of celebrating and treats for the children!

In maths we have been looking at open and closed shapes and making our own when told the amount of sides. The children really enjoyed being able to use their DM sticks to construct these.  We also started to learn how to write the time digitally which can be very tricky but all of the children tried their best!

We had a philosophy lesson when the children were looking at grading differing levels of behaviour and saying why they were placed where they had chosen. This was great for developing Team Player skills and thinking about the effects of behaviour on others.



Shhhhhh! Year 2 have been planning a pirate party for Year 1 before we break up, so the preparations have started! We have been making invitations and our own pirate flags with lots of gold and glitter involved. 

We have also been making treasure maps in forest school and hiding treasure within the woods!

Have a lovely weekend!


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