Shhhh!! Listen... What can you hear?

Our first half term holiday is coming up very quickly and there isn't enough time in the day as we continue to plan for our pirate party!

The children have been looking at using their rulers to measure some complicated objects and they even spoke about how they would measure bigger things like elephants. We also decided which unit of measure we would use when measuring smaller and larger objects.

We have been writing some instructions for making a pirate hat and at our pirate party. As we are going to be teaching Year 1 how to make them, it's very important we are expert pirate hat-makers!

In forest school we have been doing something very interesting. We went on a sound walk inside and outside the school. We had to use our ears to listen to the sounds we could hear and try to identify them. We then trusted our partners to lead us on a blindfold walk. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone!