All these amazing animals!

Wow - is it really the Summer Term already?!

Welcome back - we hope you all had a wonderful Easter. The children have been eagerly sharing their news and exciting events that they have been busy doing over the holidays.

This week, we have visited the newly erected Yurt where we were busy solving maths problems. It felt very airy and cosy in there! We have shared our fantastic animal research. They are now proudly displayed in the corridor. We saw videos, powerpoints, factfiles and posters - oh and even habitat boxes. We even held and smelt elephant poo that Tilly brought all the way from Kenya much to Mr Campbell's delight! A wonderful selection of media and animals. Great job!

We are learning about the noughties (00s) this term - 2000-2009 - this is in line with our 50th Anniversary. We have been learning about the World Leaders during this period. We proved that not only are we great teachers and learners but we helped each other to complete the task showing that we are excellent Team Players!

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!


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