Sign of the times

During Forest School this week, we have been busy finding items that are organic or inorganic. Using observation pots we looked closer at some of the live beetles and spiders that we sourced. We found and studied fossils and Mr Campbell revealed that a long long time ago this land that our school is built on was once very near to the Equator. This sort of information is given in a stone. Unbelievable that they can tell us so much history!

We are learning about poetry in English and have been learning new poetical terminology and their key features. 

We have been looking at bar graphs and pictograms in Maths and have been looking at missing numbers within a maths story. We have really enjoyed our starter part of the lesson taking place in the yurt.

Our topic work is coming on a treat - learning about the noughties is really interesting and Year 2 and developing great skills for our scrapbooks.

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.


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