Fun in the sun!

What a fabulous week! The sun makes it all the better, especially where sports day is concerned! Well done to all children - Casewick came first but of course the children were all winners and entered the races with gusto!

We started the week with an amazing trip to Hamerton Zoo where we saw lots of incredible animals. Our favourites were the sloths, the meerkats, the tigers, the giant anteater and of course the animals that we met and held! These were Oreo the bearded dragon, Bo the corn snake and Stevie the skunk! Super writing has been produced by the children about their experience.

We have been super busy starting to learn the words for our song for Founder’s Day. The moves will come later!! So far so great!

Our scrapbooks are coming on a treat - we have been looking at events in the years 2002 and 2003. 

Grammar work and reading in the yurt has proved to be very productive, comforting and enjoyable!

We hope you all have a fabulous week off! We cannot believe that we have only got half a term left of the school year. Where did that go?!!