I spy...

We have had a great week exploring our school campus discussing animal traits and antics. We learnt about omnivores, herbivores and carnivores. Mr Campbell even showed us one of the growing chicks and we discussed food chains. We had our snack in the yurt and went to the fort to make our fortune tellers. What a lovely experience!

In English we were busy thinking of different things we could do with a cloud. You would not believe some of the ideas that the children came up with! Squishing, bouncing, remodelling, surfing and travelling through one to a magical rainbow waterpark were just a few ideas!

In maths we made our own bar charts using our very own research and data! We covered favourite animals, transport, clothing, ice cream flavours, dogs and holiday destinations!

Have a wonderful weekend - looking forward to seeing you at the Golden Stampede where Mrs York-Forward and Mrs Donaldson will be on duty!


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