Party preparations!

Welcome to another exciting week in Year 2 - only this time the excitement is building for our big event next week!  The marquee is up - we have had a sneaky peek and have spotted a couple of huge chandeliers and the most incredible space for the celebrations. We cannot wait to display all our hard work in there...which brings me onto what we have been doing this week...

River dipping and dragonfly creating!

We have had a fantastic time getting wet socks, legs and wellies at the river this week. We have found the most amazing river life there - larvae and leeches to name a few! We made the most incredible sculptures and drawings of dragonflies that we have spotted and learned all about. You will see that we have put all the key features on them!

In maths we have been perfecting our mental maths - both in Big Maths (improving our scores) and doing online quizzes.  

We have been very busy zipping through the years in our noughties and learning about the main events for each year. Oh and without giving too much away we have been doing an amazing job at perfecting our performance for you all next week too!

Our RE lesson headed to the teepee - we were writing about the good deeds that are such an important part of Ramadan and enjoyed learning and sharing the Eid-el-Fitr celebrations.We too have written about the good deeds that we do and will do more of at home, in school and around the world.

Have a lovely weekend. See you all next week!


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