We know how to party all weathers!

Well what can we say?  We are not in charge of the elements; here at Copthill they often work in our favour!

Forest School - we enjoyed finding things in the woods... that were smooth or soft or man-made or rough and special. We shared our items and explained why we chose them. We really enjoyed our hot chocolate and biscuit whilst drying off by the campfire! We had a special visitor - well two actually - Oliver who was having a taster day with us and Mr Teesdale Senior!!

We have been perfecting our performance ready for Founder's Day on Thursday. It all paid off - we were T E R R I F I C !!! We loved performing infront of over 100 special guests (our parents mainly oh and of course Mr and Mrs Teesdale Senior)  in the hall and then we invited parents back to our classroom where they learnt all about Tomma Abts amazing abstract work and 3D art - each child showed them how to do their masterpieces and we were pretty impressed with their outcomes. Although we did note that their tidying up skills certainly needed perfecting! The marquee looked amazing with all our presentations, models and scrapbooks. We visited the marquee and looked at all the work that each year group have been working on - it looked incredible. We have seen all the decorations ready for the celebrations over the weekend.

We hope you all have a fabulous evening tonight and enjoy your weekend!


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