All things creative...

Almost another fun week done here at Copthill...the rain seems to have finally eased off as we have enjoyed exploring our grounds finding differing habitats and identifying trees. It is amazing just how many we could spot!

In 2F's forest school this week, they learnt how to make bracelets, snakes and necklaces with elder beads and other very colourful things! They were very creative!

We are certainly speeding up with our doubling and halving recall and have been working out some very tricky column addition and subtraction calculations. Having the calculators to check our answers has been both very handy and enhanced our understanding of how to use them. We are pretty great at identifying odd and even numbers too.

English - we have been making up some wonderful kennings for animals and items used and found at the beach. These are a wonderful type of riddle, and we have had great fun trying to identify the subject matter using the kennings to help us!

We have started a new topic to lead us to the end of term - and what a great one! One to certainly get us in the holiday spirit - the Seaside! We have been learning classification words and looking at beaches around our country especially local beaches on the Norfolk coast. It seems we all enjoy heading there for a picnic and to make a few sandcastles (although it did seem that many preferred to stamp on them than make them...!)

We are learning the technique of mosaic in art which requires a skilled eye and patience. Our pictures are coming on a treat and despite the classroom floor looking like a mosaic, our tidying up skills are second to none and great praise has been received from our lovely cleaner Lainy.

Let's hope these skills are being transferred home too! Have a smashing weekend all!


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