Cartwheeling into our third week in Year 2!

In maths we have been starting to learn where to accurately position the hour hand on the clock to tell the time for o'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past.

Continuing with our Pirate theme, we have been looking at characters in another exciting pirate book, we have also been making our own treasure maps but using cold tea to give it the old effect!

In PE Year 2 have been doing some gymnastics and working on their amazing cartwheels and in games they have been working on changes of direction whilst moving and how we can use our arms to make us run faster... Year 2 are super fast!

In Forest School Year 2 have been very creative and have been making pirate bandannas from calico and natural dyes and prints! They also made some eye patches from leaves so they will soon look like proper pirates!

Have a great weekend and hopefully the lovely weather will last a bit longer!


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