Preparing to launch the ships!

Wow- what a busy week in Year 2!

We started off the week with some painting, turning our own faces into pirates, getting ready for our pirate display.

There has also been some super column addition and shape work going on, there are some amazing mathematicians in Year 2!

To finish our week off we ended up in our favourite place... the forest! The most amazing ships have been built ready to board by our fellow class mates all by using natural materials and tarpaulin. Super effort!

We hope that the children are all settling into Year 2 and look forward to another action-packed time next week!

Homework:The children are to make a pirate ship.  This can take any form they wish, either 2D or 3D.  They can use any materials they like and the level of detail is up to them.  Please can you make sure that their creations are with us by Monday 14th October so that they have time to present them to the class.

There will also be an email being sent out to inform you of this.


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