Its all coming together!

This week in Year 2 we have been doing lots of prepping for our Christmas display! We looked at what we could do to or houses to make sure they look like our actual houses and how we could make them look Christmassy! We even had Mums and dads drawn in the window of the houses to look like they were looking out. They all look amazing and have been a massive contribution to our display!

Friday morning included 2U going on a stick hunt in order for them to be decorated to also go on the display... half of them ended up coming back with a full willow tree which Mrs Underwood was pleased about!

Both classes came together to look at some poetry and write their very own poems. There were some great ideas and I'm sure you will be seeing some of those on our working wall.

Also can we remind you that the children need navy skins for games and not black especially now it has turned a lot colder.

We hope you have a great weekend and hopefully the sun will make an appearance!


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