The run up to Christmas!

Well as we are now on the run up to Christmas, we have got lots of jam packed days with lots of creative and magical things to do.

We started off the week with Forest School, this enabled us to channel the Christmas energy and save it for a weeks time! We played around in the winter leaves and  had so much fun!

In maths we have been using the new chrome books to show off our super maths skills on Mathletics which we have all enjoyed.

In English we have looked at rhyming couplets and 'Elf'' and 'Shelf'' seemed to come up quite a lot so we now know what goes on in all of your houses running up to Christmas!

Our new topic after the holidays is Famous People. Over the holidays it would be brilliant if you could do some research as the homework is to make a poster on your famous person so we can then talk about them when we get back to school.

Wishing you all a fabulous holiday.
Merry Christmas
From Year 2!


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