A week of Traditional tales!

In Maths we were working our column addition and subtraction. This is helping us to become amazing at our number bonds!

In English we have been looking at Traditional tales and what words they use to describe the characters. We have come up with some awesome words!

In Creative Curriculum we have been looking at Neil Armstrong, the children have loved this. There is a link at the bottom that can track the International space station so you are able to see it in the sky.

In Art we have been painting our famous people to create our hall of fame. When you walk through the corridor have a look and see whether you recognise any!

Can we please remind parents to try and have a check of the children's stationary over the holiday as some pencil cases seem to be running a bit low.

We are looking forward to our trip this week and i'm sure there will be lots of photos to show you of our day out!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


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